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Place Judges

  • The use of place judges is highly recommended
  • Use 1 on each side of the pool or 2 on each side as per Rule 4.4


  • Each timer will use Swimmingly for timing the heat
  • One time will also have a stopwatch
  • Preference is for timer to NOT have a heatsheet. This makes the timer look for the swimmers number

Hey D3!

I know we all had our first meet last night on the new Swimmingly timing system. Shelbyville was with Wildwood, Bridgeport and Brownsboro Farms. While we incurred some issues that we had to troubleshoot on the fly and a lot of scoring issues to correct, I'm excited as to how this system will benefit LSA moving forward. While it is fresh on my mind, I wanted to document some key learnings we experienced (an I'm sure many of the same learnings that you also had in your first meets). 

  1. Please make sure parents that are serving as Timers and Stroke & Turn are comfortable with technology and using their phone to service these two positions. If not, please direct them into other jobs at the meet. 
  2. Timers need to pay attention and stand on the edge of the pool when kids are finishing their swim to ensure they are stopping the phone/timer at the correct time. We had A LOT of timing discrepancies due to this issue between the 2 timers. We had a few timing discrepancies that were a second or more (the system tolerance is .3). 
  3. Back up Stopwatch Times are very important at this stage of learning. We referenced times during the meet when there were significant timing discrepancies and once when an event didn't advance. 
  4. Place Judge was helpful on a couple of occasions. 
  5. Swimmer numbers and correct team - Please emphasize at the Huddle meeting how important putting in the correct swimmer number and selecting the correct team is. Also make sure your parents write the numbers ledgably on the kids arms and back. I put this document together for our parents that seemed to help. I hope everyone had a great first meet and feel more comfortable now with the Swimmingly system. Have a great week! 

Cassie Rogers

Wanted to add a few notes to what Cassie said. If you are hosting for the first time I would suggest allowing someone specific to ref the pool deck bedsides the person/pool in charge. Cassie and I tag teamed the pool deck and we still had a hard time verifying DQ’s. Add someone you trust who is not hosting. It will make things much easier and frees you up to put out the small fires that occur (loosing WiFi, reconnecting peoples phones, kids that missed events, phones not advancing). All easy fixes but doing it the first time is hard. The system is great. The prep was a breeze, and once parents get used to it it will run really well. Stroke and turn is so much easier, timing works well when they pay attention. Lol Printing results and labels and publishing results were a breeze. I will add that when I ran into trouble I simply called Swimmingly and they fixed it or directed me in a matter of seconds. Call them! I had the same guy answer my call both times He was like “hey Diane what up?” He was a tremendous help and so willing to fix the problem. Be patient guys. It will be so worth it! 

Diane Spink

Those are all excellent points. Definitely things we stress. 

Something else I'm not sure if everyone knows yet. At Wolf Creek and this week, timers were not entering in 4th swimmer in the relay. They did a great job of getting first 3, but when you stop the time, the 3 boxes do not come up to enter in the last swimmer. What you have to do is just touch one of the 3 swimmers on the screen and it will let you enter in the 4th relay member. 

Casey Johnson

I'm currently fixing a few errors from our meet last night, and while we still see some crazy timing errors during the meet...4-5 seconds difference even... It's amazing how many are either exactly the same or within .05! 

I had a situation with a relay team placing first, but no time. They were clearly 3rd. If you double tap any lane in the event, it will allow you to reorder the places. The event must be unofficial for that to save. I happened upon that on accident, so I didn't know if anyone else knew. Hopefully don't have to use that feature often. 

Also, exhibition swims are scored and placed. I have to go in and "X" out those swimmers. 

Casey Johnson

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